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Vocabulary Review

The following expressions are used in Unit 1: Looking for Work in ACTIVE Skills for Reading Book 4. The audio CDs for each chapter in this textbook are available in the ESL Lab in L-120. Match the expressions on the left with their definitions on the right by writing the corresponding number in the text field.

Expression Definition
faux pas  1.   to be easily offended; to feel attacked
to find common ground  2.  to gain the support of others
out of the blue  3.  a mistake that is socially offensive 
a front-runner  4.  to have a role in decision making
to have a say in something  5.  to discover areas of agreement
to take something personally  6.   a highly qualified candidate
to win others over  7.  unexpectedly, without warning
to jot down  8. to perform professionally under stress
to keep something handy  9.  to take notes
to show grace under pressure  10. to keep within reach

Read the following sentences carefully and use an expression from the table fits the context of the sentence. Use the tab key to move through the activity. When you think you're correct but you're not, type in the question mark and hit enter to see the correct way to write the word. You can then listen to the sentences after completing them.

1. Ali showed real under when the church caught on fire during her wedding ceremony.

2. You should always keep a notepad and a pen by your phone to important phone messages.

3. Pablo realized that complaining about his current boss during his job interview was a real . He's worried now that he won't get the job.

4. Karen wants to her cell phone in case she gets called for a job interview.

5. It is difficult to with colleagues who are only interested in maintaining the status quo.

6. Walt likes his managerial position because it allows him to a in decisions that affect the future direction of the corporation.

7. The decision to sell the firm came . The shareholders were all shocked.

8. Eric tried his best to his colleagues , but none of them wanted to hire the candidate who was clearly the .

9. When your supervisor makes suggestions for a better way to approach a project, you shouldn't it . You should be open to alternate ways of approaching a task.


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