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What the Doctor Ordered
The following prefixesA prefix is a syllable that is placed at the beginning of a word to change the meaning of the word. It often, but not always, has a negative meaning. are frequently used when talking about medical situations:  

ir-, ab-, un-, in-, re-, trans-

Guess which prefix goes with each word and write the word in the column on the right.  If you cannot guess, type a question mark in the text field.


Now use the appropriate word with a prefix in the sentences below.

1. Most people are of the various functions of their body until something goes wrong.

2. For example, we aren't aware of the heart beating until we exert ourselves or develop an heartbeat.

3. We are totally unaware of our liver function until the skin turns yellow. Then the doctor will run tests for liver function or for hepatitis.

4.Advances in the field of medicine over the last few decades have made it possible for doctors to hearts, livers, and kidneys.

5. Athletes and elderly people often have problems with their hips or knees. Advances in orthopedics have made it possible to have a hip or knee operation.

6. With modern medicine, life can now be extended even if a patient has an disease.

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