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    While computers have brought desirable changes to the way we live, work, study, and communicate, one malicious or mischievous person can wreak havoc   chaos (confusion) or damage  on our relatively newfound efficiency and, intentionally or not, jeopardize   Put in danger    the health and safety of thousands of people. One such juvenile computer hacker, who apparently thought he was very clever, incurred the wrath  anger   of the Justice Department and gained the opprobrium  criticism and shame   of an entire community.

The table below contains vocabulary used in the article on page 2. They appear in alphabetical order. See if you know the meaning of each word. Write the number of the correct definition in the textfield.

to access                  1. to accuse of wrongdoing
to activate             2. to give someone (usually secret) information
to allege                3. to damage or limit in some way
to alter                  4. to change something
to disseminate       5. deliberately
to divulge              6. to make operational
to forfeit                7. payment for damage
to impair               8. occurring over a regular time period
intentionally           9. to send out or spread information
modem                 10. to have to give something up or have it taken away
outage                  11. advanced and complicated
periodically           12. to gain entry to computer information
remote                  13. electrical device that allows information to be sent via phone lines
restitution              14. loss of connection to power supply
sophisticated         15. far from        Next

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