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Vocabulary: An exercise in Word Usage

The following words are used in Chapter 1: Creating a Global Resume from ACTIVE Skills for Reading: Book 4 by Neil J. Anderson.

1. To vary:  
•When things belonging to the same categoryOther words for category are type, kind, class or classification; general words form categories: foods, liquids, beverages, etc. Whenever you can give specific examples of a type of something, you have a category. differ from each other, we say that they vary. For example, vegetables vary in price. Cabbage is usually less expensive than lettuce.  
•To vary can also mean to change. Her mood varies from day to day.

There are two noun forms that derive from the verb vary. They are variety and variation. A variety of things refers to a lot of things within the same class that are different from each other in some way as in a variety of software tools. A variation in something or between two similar things and variations amongWe use among whenever the reference is to more than two things...There were variations among the student responses. things refer to differences between similar things, as in variations in English dialects, or a change from the usual amount or form of something, as in variations in dosage.

What noun would you use in the following sample phrases? Click the hidden text to see if you guessed correctly.
      • [ ... ]a variety of  reasons
      • [ ... ]variations in  the schedule
      • [ ... ]a variety of  corporate cultures [meaning many types of]
      • [ ... ]variations among  corporate cultures [meaning differences among them]
      • [ ... ]variations between  British and American English
      • [ ... ]variations in  standard resume format
      • [ ... ]a variety of   ethnicities among job applicants
      • [ ... ]variations in  paper size
      • [ ... ]a variety of  ways to demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm
      • [ ... ]variations in  eductional requirements for jobs

2. To certify

      To grant an official document stating that training for a particular job or skill has been successfully completed

      To verify or state that something is correct or true

      Certification is the noun form. To have or receive certification is to have a document (certificate) as proof of training or education for a particular job or activity.

      Certified is the adjective form. The certificate one receives upon certification is proof of one's qualifications to perform a particular job or activity.

Note these common phrases that are often used:            

            •Microsoft certification
            •Industry certification
            •professional certification
            •lifeguard certification
            •pilot certification

            •a certified nurse
            •a certified teacher
            •a certified doctor
            •a certified painter
            •a certified contractor



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