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Note that were is used for singular and plural you .

I was

We were

You were

You were

He, She, It was

They were

From sentence to question: Click the first word in these sentences and then listen to the questions.

 You        were         late for class.?

 He       was        on time for work.?

 They         were         tired after work.?

 It    was        raining this morning.?

 It    was       slippery on the freeway.?

 We       were         invited to the party.?

 She       was       at the movie last night.?

 We       were         supposed to write a report last night.?

The question word  where looks like  were and can be very confusing to new readers of English. Where asks about location or place. It will help to think of it as a WH- question word.

Do you need were or where? Read to guess the answer. Fill in the blanks and then listen to your answer.

1.  you last night?   

2. Maria didn't know her daughters .   

3. did she think they ?   

4.Didn't the students know their teachers ?   

5. The students weren't informed of their teachers going.    

6. The police didn't know the stolen cars hidden.      

7.The cars found far from they stolen.   

8. the police when we needed them?   

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