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The verb BE is a very important verb in English. It has three forms in the present tense: AM, IS, or ARE. Study the table for correct forms and Complete the Activity below. Then work your way through pages 2 and 3 above. Just click on the number of the page.



I happy.

I am happy.

You tired.

You are tired.

He handsome.

He is handsome

She beautiful.

She is beautiful.

It sunny.

It is sunny.

We comfortable.

We are comfortable.

You intelligent.

You are intelligent.

They busy.

They are busy.

There is only one plural form in the present tense: ARE. Study the table for the correct form.



We sad.

We are sad.

You nice.

You are nice.

They big.

They are big.

In a sentence, the subject always comes before the verb. In a question, the verb comes before the subject. Study the examples below. The sentence pattern is SUBJECT + BE +ADJECTIVE. Click on the first word to see the question form. Listen to the question by clicking the sound icon.

You         are       busy .?    

He       is    smart.?

She         is     interesting.?

We         are       correct.?

You          are        right.?

They          are       wrong.?

Now you will see sentences with noun subjects and a verb phrase [BE + VERB+ING].  We use this present progressive form of the verb to show that an action is happening as we speak. Click on the first word to see the question form. The sentence pattern is SUBJECT + VERB. Click the sound icon to hear the question.

He        is     working.?

They          are       talking.?

She         is      smoking.?

We        are        tutoring students today.?

They           are       working in the lab.?

It     is     shining in your eyes.?

You         are       sitting at the teacher's desk.?

We        are        going to San Francisco.?

He        is     coming with us.?



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