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Surprising or not so surprising?  You decide.

Read the following pairs of sentences based on the audio file.  Combine the sentences, using although or because, whichever is logical.  You can type the word help or ? in the box and then hit enter to see the correct sentence.

1. Strom Thurmond grew up in the segregated    The races were separated by custom and by law.    south. He had an affair with a 16 year-old black maid in his father's house.

2. The affair was swept under the rug    hidden, kept secret   .  It was considered typical for the son of a master's family to test out his sexuality on a vulnerable    easily harmed    young woman in his father's house.  

3.  After the young woman gave birth in 1925, she took her baby to live with relatives in Pennsylvania.  She was too poor to look after    to take care of    her.

4. Meanwhile, Strom Thurmond was becoming a very popular politician in South Carolina. He was a staunch segregationist   one who strongly believed in segregation   .

5. He was popular in the south.  He lost his bid for the presidency in 1948.

6. He lost his presidential bid. The rest of the country rejected his pre-Civil War war rhetoric    speech used to    persuade.      .  

7. The nation rejected his segregationist views. South Carolina elected him as their representative in the U.S. Senate.

8. He lobbied against    argued against    civil rights legislation in 1957.  Later in life he softened his views and hired many blacks.

9. Thurmond had fathered a child by a black woman. During her childhood he electrified    excited the crowds    segregationist rallies with racist statements.

10. When Essie first met Mr. Thurmond at the age of 16, she must have been surprised. She had not been told he was white.

11.  He made public statements like, "all the bayonets    long knives attached to rifles      of the army cannot force the Negro into our homes." He was welcoming his hidden daughter into the governor's mansion through the back door.

12. He supported her and visited her while she was in college.  She was instructed to say that she and the governor were just family friends.

13. Mrs. Williams kept her secret for a long time.  She never wanted to do anything to harm him.

14. She decided to stop hiding her awkward   uncomfortable   secret. Her children deserved to know where they came from.

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