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Writing Complex Sentences:  The subordinator although replaces the coordinator but; the subordinator because replaces the coordinator for.

Never use although and but in the same sentence when combining two clauses.
Rewrite the following sentences. Use although or because, making them complex sentences.
If you have difficulty with an item, type in the word help or ? and hit enter to see the correct answer.

1.  Many Americans eat more food than they need, but they are harming their bodies and minds by making unhealthful food choices.

2.  Their bodies are starved of nutrients  healthful substances  , for they eat junk food like soft drinks, candy, and potato chips.

3.  Consuming too much salt can lead to heart disease, but Steve can't give up his salty snacks.

4. To eat a healthful diet, avoid preservatives   chemicals to prevent decay    and other artificial   not natural    substances, for they can lead to health problems.

5. Vitamin B can help one cope with   deal with, manage   stress, but many people eat vitamin-depleted processed foods like white bread and white rice.

6.  Don't rely on  catchwords   slogans    like "lite" or "high-fiber," for many companies care more about making money than about your health.

7.  Some companies believe in truth in advertising, but others don't hesitate to make exaggerated claims statements that stretch the truth    .  

8.  Some companies still stretch the truth in their ads, but the Federal Trade Commission will penalize   fine or punish    them if they detect misleading   false    advertising.  


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