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Reason or Concession?

Do you need a subordinator or a preposition? Read the whole sentence carefully and use even though or because if you need a subordinator. Use because of or in spite of if  you need a preposition. Hit the the tab key after typing in each answer. Correct answers show as green and incorrect as red. Click the sound icon to hear the sentence.

1. Many people consume caffeine and sugar they need a quick energy boost      an increase in energy   .  

2. they've had their caffeine, they feel even worse two hours later.

3. Mary overeats and never exercises. She has gained a lot of weight her lifestyle.

4. The doctor told her she had to exercise her busy schedule.

5. Mary knows that she has to change her diet her love of sugary snacks.

6. Many people have found that they feel physically energized and mentally sharper   their regular exercise routines   workouts   .  

7.   four workout sessions per week were physically exhausting   very tiring    for Mary, after a while she was losing weight and sleeping better.

8. A lot of people are unhealthy their bad diets.

9. Processed foods    having an unnatural substance added   have no place in a healthful diet they have been sucked dry   depleted   
of nutrients.

10. People who eat processed foods are sluggish     having no energy       they are running on very little fuel.  

11. you may think you can't get started in the morning without your Krispy Kremes   a kind of doughnut     and coffee, you need to break this unhealthful habit.   

12. A lot of people with eating disorders don't get help for their eating problems such disorders are treatable.


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