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Because and since introduce a reason clause. When you use because or since, the main clause expresses a logical result.  

Although and even though introduce a concession clause.  When you use although or even though, the main clause expresses a surprising or unexpected result.

Write the subordinator you think the sentence requires.  LISTEN TO CHECK YOUR ANSWER.  You will then hear two possible answers for each sentence.

1. Many people are tired they don't get enough sleep.   

2.   some people sleep 9 hours each night, they are still tired during the day.   

3.   Some people feel tired even after a good night's sleep they have a poor diet and never exercise.

4.   Many people drive    they're drowsy   tired   , and some of them cause accidents.   

5.  John car-pooled     went with another driver  with a friend he was too tired to drive all the way to San Francisco.   

6. his friend was out until 1 a.m. the night before, he was in much better shape to drive than John.  

7.  John has dark circles under his eyes he's an insomniac   someone who can't sleep   .   

8.   he knows he shouldn't have eighteen cups of coffee every day, he can't kick the caffeine habit   can't give up coffee   .

9. Some people take over-the-counter-medication      non-prescription medicine     they just can't fall asleep without it.  

10. John finally consulted a doctor he had been sleep deprived   without sleep     for several months.   


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