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Listening for Present Perfect Tense

Listen to an interview between an instructor and an ESL student.  Pay attention to verbs in the present perfect tense.  

Now read the sentences about the interview.  What words would you fill in, using present perfect tense? Click in the space to see if you guessed correctly.

1. Nhan  [ ... ]has worked  in the lab for three years.

2. We could also say he  [ ... ]has been working   in the lab for three years because he is still working there.

3. The instructor mentions that there  [ ... ]have been  a lot of changes in the lab.

4. She says they  [ ... ]have moved  the lab twice and are finally in their new location.

5.  Nhan says that he  [ ... ]has learned   a lot of values such as ingenuity  skill at adapting new ideas  , patience, basic client  Someone who receives help   skills, and teamwork by working in the lab.  

6. The instructor says that it  [ ... ]has been  great working with Nhan because he is so helpful to the students.

7. Nhan says that he  [ ... ]hasn't decided  on a career yet.

8. The instructor wonders if he  [ ... ]has thought  about teaching.

9. Nhan says that he  [ ... ]has  just  [ ... ]begun  to think about a teaching career.

10. He  [ ... ]hasn't focused  on a particular level yet but may decide to teach at the high school level.  

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