ESL Lab Workshops: March 9-10


Wed. March 9, 10:30-11 in L-123 (Lab) SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE: This week we will practice phrases and sentences with  ch and j as in church and judge.  Come to this workshop and gain confidence in speaking.
Kathy Hanson
Thurs. March 10, 2:30-3:15 in L-123 LISTENING/SPEAKING/NOTE-TAKING/WRITING WORKSHOP: Watch a short video from National Geographic. Practice speaking about the main points in the video. Watch it again and take notes. Write from your notes and get help with summarizing and sentence grammar.
Kathy Hanson
Anytime in ESL Lab (L-120) Impromptu Workshops: Come with your classmates and bring questions about class work or assignments. The Lab instructor can work with your group, clear up your confusion, and provide additional practice. Instructors' Schedule
Online Anytime Breaking News English ; News for You (Weekly password available in Lab); The New York Times Learning Network ; English Grammar Online; Spelling