My Favorite Story from Childhood

By Sassan Pedramrazi

My mother used to work as a school teacher and because of financial necessity she had to work very hard. She could not leave me alone at home, so she took me to work every day. She bought children's books for me and encouraged me to read and think about them. I read the books in the schoolyard since she could look after me from her classroom window and make sure that I was safe. In that school I became friends with another boy who was handicapped and I always wondered how I could help him.

    One of the stories that my mother gave me to read was about a little boy who by accident  found a very magnificent flower whose petals were the seven colors of the rainbow. The little boy made a wish with each petal he picked, and his wish came true. With the yellow petal he wished for a piece of candy and somebody brought him delicious and colorful candy. With the blue petal he wished for a big balloon, and he caught a big and beautiful one that drifted down from the sky. With the red petal he wished for a very fluffy cat, and all of sudden he saw a cat, and it followed him. With the orange petal he wished for a movie ticket, and promptly, with the ticket in hand, he went to the cinema. With the green petal he wished for outstanding ability, and suddenly he saw himself jumping across a big stream near his school. But the purple petal remained. The young boy thought about how none of his previous wishes had brought him real happiness. Indeed, they lasted only a few seconds, so he decided to do something very unique and different with the last one. While he was thinking about this, he saw a handicapped boy with sad eyes sitting near the playground watching the other boys laugh and play, so the young boy made his final wish with the purple petal. He wished that this handicapped boy would be recreated to perfect physical condition.

    This story made a strong impression on me because it showed me how I could help my friend. After that, every night I prayed for him, and every day I tried to do some little favor for him. This made me feel good and happy because by doing such a little thing I found a away to express my sympathy and feelings toward others. And from this experience, I discovered that true happiness is based on sharing and giving, and that receiving alone could never make us truly happy.