My Life
Huy Doan

Maybe I was born a wild guy or maybe  societal  influences turned me wild. In the past I was a rebellious teen who spent days and nights on the street and rarely came home.. There were no gangster deeds I did not do and my life was lavished with no worries or burdens. Then came the time my mother and I decided to leave Vietnam and come to America to look for a new future and new opportunities. It was a turning point in my life - one that turned my life  upside down. I left behind my wild lifestyle, my brother and sister, and my beloved to start a new life in an unfamiliar country and to take on all the burdens and responsibilities of building a good future for myself and my family. Although we had many Vietnamese relatives, we could not depend on them forever. We were completely on our own and I was the only hope for my mom and for our future. My only choice was to try my best and work as hard as I could to change our life and make it better.

I attended my last year of high school in America as an outcast, a newcomer. People made jokes about me, thinking I would not understand what they were saying.  They were mistaken,  for I understood nearly every word they said about me and would probably have beaten them up until their noses bled if I had not already changed. However,  it was amusing when they called me Jackie Chan and asked me to perform kung fu. Indeed, there were good as well as bad memories.

 My college life began one year after arriving in the United States, and it was another important step in my life. Besides school, supporting my family was another responsibility I took on. I had no option but to work at construction, doing laborious work in order to make money to the pay bills and the rent in order to lighten my mom's burden. It will be a long time before I reach my goal and secure  a successful future. For now I will concentrate on fulfilling both responsibilities as best I can for my mom's sake and for a brighter future.