My Amazing Brother, Luis
By Patricia Lopez

My family plays a very important role in my life. My parents, my brothers and my sister are very special to me. But my older brother Luis is the most special person in my family, and I admire him a lot. There are many reasons why I admire my brother Luis, but mainly I respect him for his intelligence and perseverance.

 My brother, a sociologist, is an extremely intelligent person. Since he was a child he knew that attending school would help him to succeed in life, so he was determined to graduate from a university. I remember watching him read amazing stories, which he always shared with me. From the time he was little, he preferred to read books instead of playing the typical games of childhood. He always searched for educational courses. He always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Although he had grown up in a tiny village, he moved to Mexico City in order to get his degree in sociology. After he graduated from one of the most important universities in Mexico City,UNAM, he earned a scholarship to go to the University of Paris to study and obtain a Ph.D. His intelligence and hard work have broadened his horizons.

          The academic success Luis has achieved has taught me the value of perseverance and hard work. Even though we were born in a very poor family, he always had scholarly goals. He started to work at a young age to manage to pay for extra courses that broadened his knowledge.  When he set goals for himself, he always achieved them. Due to his perseverance, he will soon have a doctoral degree from a prestigious French university. His future goal is to move to the USA to study at Stanford University to obtain a post-doctorate, and I know he will do it. Nothing stops him if he wants to learn and move forward. My goal is to emulate his thirst for knowledge and his determination to succeed.