The Chupacabra Phenomenon

Have you heard about the chupacabra? Is this phenomenon a myth or a reality? Who knows! El Chupacabra [goat-sucker] is a creature which isn't human at all. People who allege to have seen it describe it as a smelly hairy creature with a kangaroo-like body about three to five feet tall with big red eyes. The creature first made its appearance in Mexico around 1994 when people began to discover their chickens and goats had died. The weirdest thing was that the blood of the animals had been sucked from them as if a vampire had attacked them. The police reported that the deaths were due to dog attacks, but ordinary people believed they were caused by creatures from outer space, and they named the creature "El Chupacabra" because this creature's victims were mainly goats. People who supposedly saw this creature started to tell ridiculous stories that were really impossible to believe. Many people, especially those in small towns or on farms, began to fear the chupacabras to the point that they didn't want to go out in the dark.

Soon the chupacabras became famous all over Latin America because they traveled from Mexico, to Puerto Rico, and into Central America. Some went as far as Florida. It was really grotesque how the chupacabras traveled part of a continent in less than a year, sucking the blood of goats wherever they went. Why did the chupacabras pick on goats and not on other delicious animals? People started to sell different trinkets related to the chupacabra phenomenon. Many believed the chupacabra was an alien from another planet. I believe this story is ridiculous and impossible because if aliens were intelligent enough to come to this planet, why would they pick on goats?  Experts can't account for all the killings of animals, but most believe the chupacabra was a legendary animal.