The Secret of Longevity
Saokagna Ros

   Everyone wants to live a very long life, and it is definite that no one wants to die at a young age. Even though the life expectancy of people now is longer than the life expectancy of people in the past due to the modern science, there are not many people living their lives as long as they desire, so many people are seeking the secrets of longevity. I am one of those people, who is looking for significant factors that lead to living a long life, and I believe the most important factors that contribute to longevity are being optimistic and taking adequate care of physical health.

  Being optimistic is one of the most essential factors that contributes to longevity. We should keep an open mind and be happy with what we have. Thinking in a positive way will help us not to stress out and keep our mental health in satisfactory condition. In addition, to be optimistic means to keep feeling relaxed no matter how difficult life is. My optimistic grandmother, who died two years ago at the age of 98, always told me that desperation is an enemy which can shorten our lives. Furthermore, she told me that she always believed if one door was closed, there would be another one opened. So she lived out her later years with happiness and hopefulness, and that was her secret for living such a long life. Based on her example, I believe that optimists live longer lives than pessimists.

  Besides being optimistic, another principal factor that causes longevity is taking good care of our physical health. It is most important to pay close attention to maintaining our physical health. We have a responsibility to keep our health in good condition, and there are many methods to take care of our physical health very well. For instance, a neighbor of mine is now 99 years old, yet she keeps doing exercise by walking every morning. Moreover, she really cares about her diet. She has very good eating habits and avoids eating salty food as well. Also, she goes to see her family practitioner to get a checkup every three months. Surprisingly, she is going to be 100 next month, but she still works in her garden.

   In Conclusion, everybody desires to live their lives for a long time, so they are trying to look for the ways to achieve longevity. In my opinion, being positive about life and taking adequate care of physical health are the most significant factors that lead to living a long life.