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 Places and Environment

The Land Between the Rivers
Suzanne Sahib

The Effects of Water Pollution in Vietnam
Phuong Quach

Karabash, The Most Polluted City I Have Ever Seen

Olga Ibatullina

Causes of water Pollution in Vietnam
Ngoc Lien Nguyen

The Wonderful Unforgettable River
Veronica Ojeda


Mr. Hai's Garden
Diem-Trang Nguyen

The Village Pond
Tuan Le

Protecting Our Environment
Melania Van Thull

Vietnam, An Attractive Tourist Destination
Phuong Ngan Nguyen

Two Cities I have Lived In
Khanh Phan
The Second Floor
Jamila S. Ghanm
The Roof-Top
Tuan-Dung Nguyen
San Pedro's Farmers Market
S. Pedramrazi
The Guava Tree
Tu Ton
Perfect Contentment
Yue Li
My Paradise
Quynh-Nhi Pham
Manuel Diaz-Rios
Two Cities: Queretaro and Campbell
Manuel Arvizu
Farinaz Azarachehr

Tokyo SkyTree
Miki Koizumi


The Grand Canyon
Miki Koizumi
The Ebullient City - Las Vegas
Yaqing Wei