Vietnam – An Attractive Destination for Tourists
Phuong Ngan Nguyen

            Most travelers to Vietnam are attracted by the country’s lovely landscapes and delicious foods. With a long coastline, Vietnam is famous for its beautiful beaches. For example, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc beaches are the most well-known recreational places for tourists. Travelers can enjoy sunbathing, swimming in the warm ocean water, fishing and breathing fresh air. Moreover, some areas such as Ha Long Bay have been declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO. The bay and its islands have surprised many tourists no matter how many pictures they have seen before. Besides, many travelers enjoy exploring interesting temples and pagodas like Caodai Temple and Perfume Pagoda.  All of the scenery is beyond the imagination of tourists. Another advantage is the variety of food. From the North to the South, each place has its own regional dishes. For example, Bloated Sticky Rice and Salad of Grapefruit (Roasted Squid mixed with Grapefruit) are special foods in the South. During different seasons or on important occasions, food in Vietnam is also special. “Banh Tet" and "Banh Chung” (sticky rice with green bean and fat meat) are traditional dishes served during the Tet holidays. Moreover, every dish has its own additional ingredients and garnish such as spring rolls with fish sauce, sugar, vinegar and garlic. All are exceptionally prepared and reasonably priced in most restaurants or on street stalls. To sum up, many things in Vietnam (streets, buildings, fashions, etc.) have changed over the last 30 years, but the fine scenery and delectable taste of Vietnamese food have remained and still appeal to tourists from all over the world.