The Grand Canyon

By Miki Koizumi


      The Grand Canyon is a beautiful canyon that fascinates visitors from all over the world. This canyon is located in Arizona. Visitors can see magnificent scenery from the skywalk above the canyon.  The canyon so vast that it looks  endless. The topography is sharp and deep and you can see vast blue sky above the canyon and the Arizona River at the bottom of the canyon. This place makes humans feel like tiny creatures. The canyon also has unique shades of  brown, red, and green. Those colors make a wonderful gradation. This place looks different depending on the time of day. In the morning, the canyon looks gold. In the evening, the canyon looks dark red. The contrast of light and shadow makes the canyon more beautiful. In addition, this spot is one of the most famous places in America, so many visitors not only American but also foreigners visit there. They go to viewpoints and enjoy the scenery. Sometimes they run into animals like rabbits or squirrels. Some visitors try taking pictures of the sunrise or the sunset from the canyon. Others camp there so that they can also enjoy nightfall in the Grand Canyon. They feel the silence around the canyon and watch bright stars. There are some hiking trails in the canyon, so some visitors go on a hike. Hiking the Grand Canyon is different from hiking any other area. In general, when visitors go on a hike in other areas, they go up first, and then go down. But in the canyon, they go down first, and then go up, so hikers have to be careful not to go down too far. This hiking is a unique experience for hikers. All visitors enjoy experiencing the expanse and beauty of the canyon. The Grand Canyon is a wonderful gift from the earth.