My Current Interesting Job

                                       By Khan Phan

            I immigrated to the U.S. on May 29, 2004 through my brother-in-lawís sponsorship. Now I am working at Wal-Mart as a sales floor associate in the womenís department. This is my first job in America . At first, I was not interested in this job because I did not think that I would find my career at this place. I just needed a job so that I could afford my living expenses. Then day by day, I realized that working at Wal-Mart would be beneficial to me for three reasons: I have become a hard working, patient person, I can improve my English, and I receive numerous benefits from Wal-Mart.

            The first reason why working at Wal-Mart is beneficial to me is that I have become a hard working and patient person. I work eight hours a day, five days a week. During my workdays, I walk continuously around my department to keep the floor clean. In addition, I am patient and donít get discouraged doing repetitive duties. For example, customers often turn all the T-shirts that I have just arranged upside down. However, I try not to complain and rearrange the T-shirts patiently many times a day.

            The second reason why working at Wal-Mart is beneficial to me is that I can improve my English. Everyday I have to listen to my managerís orders and communicate with customers and co-workers. Moreover, I have to take calls from customers who want information about the merchandise when there is nobody covering the fitting room. Answering the phone forces me to improve my English because I have to speak with people from different countries who have different accents.

The third and most important reason why working at Wal-Mart is beneficial to me is that I have received numerous benefits from Wal-Mart. For example, I get a ten percent discount on merchandise. At Christmas time, I receive a twenty percent discount on any item I want to buy. Furthermore, I am eligible to buy cheaper health insurance for my family and me. Likewise, I can buy stock and Wal-Mart will give me fifteen percent extra, which means if I buy stock for one hundred dollars every pay check, I only have to pay one hundred dollars and Wal-Mart will give me fifteen dollars extra. Moreover, Wal-Mart gives me a small amount of money every year towards my 401K, which is a kind of savings for my retirement.

In summary, by working at Wal-Mart, I have become a hard working and patient person. The wonderful thing is now I can speak English more fluently, which makes me a happy and confident individual. In addition, all these fantastic benefits from Wal-Mart help me to save money and improve my standard of living. In fact, I have enrolled at San Jose City College , and I plan to pursue my goal, which is majoring in Business Administration so that I can work on becoming an Assistant Manager at Wal-Mart.