The Job of My Dreams ~ by Miguel Prado

      I left my town, Michoacan , Mexico ten years ago to come to the USA , which was the biggest decision in my life. I came to this country looking for better job opportunities, but with no job experience and not speaking any English, so my first years were very difficult. I had to work very hard, and I got paid only the minimum wage at that time. Now ten years later, things have changed because a year ago I finally found the job that I have always looked for since first moving from Mexico . Iím working as a catering supervisor, and this job changed my life in three important ways. It has provided me a better lifestyle, enough money to help my mother economically, and an excellent benefits package without paying cent.

     One important change that came with my new job was the change in my lifestyle. Before I used to drive an old car, but now I can afford to drive a nice new car. After I started in this position, before too long I was able to move from a small apartment to a bigger place. Before I had this job, I was so behind with my credit card payments, but now I've been able to pay off all of my bills thanks to my good salary. Now I even have some extra money in my savings account. I love to go out and have fun with my friends on the weekends, but in the past, this was something I never could do because I always had to work on the weekends. Now things are very different because I always have the weekends off, so I can go out and enjoy time with my friends. My lifestyle has changed in very good ways, and I am looking forward to its improving more each day.

     Another important change that came with my present job is that now I make enough money to help my mother back in Mexico . I am very happy about this change because before I wasnít able to send any money to help her. Because of the money I send her every month, her lifestyle has become more pleasant and free of worry. In the past she used to work; now she doesnít have to work.  With the money I send, she was able to hire a person who helps her with the chores at home. A month ago, I sent her extra money so she could redecorate the house. This was a dream she always had because all the furniture in the house was very old. She always wanted to have a new TV, bed, armchairs, nice dishes in her kitchen, and a new refrigerator. I am so happy that I was able to make her dream come true because now she has all those things she always wanted. One of the greatest satisfactions of this job is being able to support my mother and provide for her the lifestyle I have always wished for her.     

    Another important change that happened since I started  this job is that I finally have an excellent benefits package which I never had before. For example, I now have medical insurance, which includes dental, optical, and physical care. I used to have only one week of vacation a year, but now I have four weeks a year. Life insurance was something that my old jobs never offered. Now I have a very good insurance policy that covers any type of emergency. One important point about my benefits is that I donít have to pay a cent because the company I work for pays for full coverage. Most people are always looking to have the type of benefits I have. I know this because the people whom I have told about these great benefits have told me how lucky I am to have them.

        Leaving my town in Mexico to come to the USA was a big change in my life. Even bigger changes have occurred during that time, but one of the most important was the opportunity to have this job. Since I started as a supervisor, only good changes have occurred in my life. Now I live the lifestyle I have always dreamed of, and my motherís life has become more relaxed, thanks to my support. Last but not least, I donít have to worry about getting sick or taking a vacation as my benefit package guarantees that Iíll have health care and adequate time off  to enjoy  great vacations in Mexico or wherever I want to go.