A Person Who Has Made a Difference: Dr. J. Ruiz
                                                                                          Floridalma Rivas

            Dr. J. Ruiz was my co-worker in a public hospital named La Trinidad in Nicaragua. He taught me things about my profession in several ways.  First of all, he taught me a lot of qualities that a doctor should have to give excellent attention to their patients. For example, he recommended that I stay calm in adverse situations such as when a pregnant woman has seizures or bleeds and needs urgent attention. If I am relaxed, I can think clearly and solve problems, especially in some situations in which the life of the mother or the child is in danger.  Another important thing that he taught me was to have patience and to listen to people because they are often anxious and need understanding and trust that someone will listen and believe them and help solve their problems.  He said to me, “You should never forget that your patients will be your best teachers, and you can learn from them.” In addition, he helped me have confidence in myself and never doubt my skills and knowledge.  Also, he helped me to develop my surgical skills. He was my assistant during my first surgery as a gynecologist, and he was always there when I needed him. For example, he came immediately when I had difficult cases such as a complication during delivery, bleeding during surgery, and other problems.  In other words, he trained me to respond adequately to all the moments that a doctor faces every day.  In summary, these were some of the most important things that he taught me and the reason why he was one of the important people that made a difference in my life.