Events That Changed My Life


     My family and I are originally from Mexico City. I spent 14 years of my life there. My father used to work in a radio station and my mom had a "Torteria" at our house. That way she could make money and take care of my brother and me. After a while my father lost his job because the radio station cut personnel. Later on he started to work as a taxi driver. For some reason my father put his car up for sale. A man came to my father and said that he wanted to buy the car. The man cheated my father and stole the car. My familyís economic situation became worse. Then I realized that my mom was sad.

     One day my father told my mom, my brother, and me that he was going to emigrate to the United States. He said he wanted to give us a better life with more opportunities and economic prosperity. He emigrated to The United States in January 1999. During that whole year, I had to be strong because my mom and my brother cried a lot because they missed my father. I missed my father, too, but I didnít cry because I had to show them that I was strong and could give them the love that my father used to give us. In December 1999, my father came back to Mexico for Christmas. My family and I were happy about it. In January 2000 my father went back to the United States, but this time he took my brother with him. My mom and I stayed in Mexico City. In June 2000 my father told my mom that he wanted her to come that June, but I wanted to finish school in Mexico, so she came to the U.S. that month and I followed on July 4, 2000. When I first arrived in the U.S., I didnít feel good in a country without friends.

In August 2001 my parents fought during the 3rd week of the month. My father told my mom, my brother and me that he wanted us to leave the house in one week. During that same month, my father and my mom got a divorce. Right now my father lives with a Russian girl and my step-sister, and I don't talk to him. My brother lives with my mom and my step-father. I live by myself and I visit my mom and my brother often. I feel happy about my life now that my family situation is more settled, and I can continue my education at San Jose City College.