The Ebullient City—Las Vegas

By Yaqing Wei

     Las Vegas is so amazing because of its great hotels and wonderful shows. The year before last, my husband and I went to Las Vegas on Christmas Day. We felt so excited when we arrived at the airport. I had never seen the colorful city before. On the first day, we looked around at the various luxury hotels. Some of these buildings were modern, while others  were antiquated. They seemed different from my country’s hotels because the hotels in my country have no such external decoration or fancy interiors. In Vegas, every hotel has its own casinos. Everybody knows Las Vegas is famed for its casinos. Someone probably becomes a millionaire here every day. Different kinds of fine food also attracted us. I remember there was an excellent seafood restaurant in the MGM hotel. Though we like Chinese food very much, we could find our favorite seafood here. Because of the holiday, all of the hotels were decorated with snowmen, Christmas trees, reindeer, and lots of Christmas ornaments. We not only saw these great hotels but also found several wonderful shows in Las Vegas. Before we got there, some friends advised us to see shows like the “O” Show, Lance Burton Magic Show, Jubilee Show, and so on. On street corners or down small lanes we could easily find a ticket office, and there was a long line outside. Mostly, the popular shows were not easy to get a ticket for, so we changed our minds and decided to see a free show. There were many free shows in the main street. In my opinion, the Show of the Corsair was the best because of its breaking-out performance. In addition, there were some dreamy shows for young children and adult entertainment for those who wanted it. I will never forget the Christmas we spent in Las Vegas.