Southern Vietnamís Fruit Festival

By Nathallie Lam

     Southern Vietnamís Fruit Festival is a significant and favorite event for all Vietnamese because of its delicious fruits, colorful dragon boats, and crowds of spectators. The Fruit Festival is held on a Small Island called ďMy Phuoc,Ē which developed along the Hau River about 150 years ago. The Vietnamese celebrate Fruit Festival on May 5th of the lunar calendar every year. First of all, early in the morning on May 5th all the farmers prepare and organize their fruit stands really well to welcome people from across the country to come and join with the local people. At the festival all the farmers sell fruits at special prices for everyone so that they can enjoy eating all kinds of delicious fresh fruits like jackfruit, longan, durian, rambutan, etc. Second, all the farmers select one of their family members to join in a group and practice their boats before the Fruit Festival starts. At Hau River there are so many groups of colorful dragon boats. Each groupís boat has different colors: white, red, yellow, blue, and black. Finally, all of the dragon boats line up along the Hau River, and each boat has one person standing in front of the boat with a baton in his hands waiting for the boat captain to make the signal to get ready set  sail on the Hau River. All the spectators are standing by the riverside; they laugh and sing a folk song about the Fruit Festival with the local people.  All of the spectators feel so excited and enjoy each moment at the Fruit Festival. During this event the visitors have a chance not only to enjoy a wide variety of fruits, but also to see colorful boats and take part in interesting activities.