My First Blue Christmas

Tien Pham

The warm glow of My Blue Christmas in 2012 was amazing for its winter effects in tropical weather in Saigon, Viet Nam. It was called "Blue Christmas" because people chose to use the color blue to break away from tradition. Normally, Christmas lights are always red and green, yet the color of blue and white for Blue Christmas created a magical visualization for me. The beautifully decorated shopping mall, Christmas songs and the gorgeous Christmas trees fascinated me. the lights gave me tranquility. A lot of people gathered at the good spots around the brilliantly-lit stage for a rock-and-roll music show. There were some rock stars whose names I didn't even know, but they gave their audiences excellent and enthusiastic performances. While they were singing and dancing on the stage, more special effects such as fireworks, lazer lights, and clouds of smoke made the stage look more gorgeous and brilliant. And then the most special winter effect that I ever could have imagined in Viet Nam was snow. It was snowing all the way to the largest theme park. The snow was made by using some artificial snow machine. It was the first time I had ever seen snow. That was the most wonderful and terrific time I have ever experienced. Just as I expected, the winter effects gathered more and more people around the area where Christmas lights and snow were glistening. Every Christmas has its special memories, but 2012 Blue Christmas was the most wonderful time that I have ever experienced.