A Special Gift in My Life

Rabiah Abd Latif

            A special gift in my life was a “Communication Course” provided by my employer, Ablesoft America, Inc, the company I am currently working for in Santa Clara , California. Over the years, I have received a lot of material gifts from friends, family, and my parents, but the training course provided by my company is truly a magical gift, which changed my life. Before I attended this course, I was a very shy person. Every time a stranger approached me, my heart started pumping beyond normal, my palms started to feel cold and sweaty, my whole body started to shiver, then turn hot with a burning sensation, and my face turned red like a tomato, especially my cheeks. As a result of these unpleasant sensations, I always held myself back and was fearful. I didn’t socialize in my community or with my friends. I felt like I was swimming in the middle of a dark, deep ocean without direction. I was like a tiny floating island. Then in 2007, by completing this company course, it was as if a bright light suddenly lit up my darkness. Suddenly I felt as clear as a blue, southern sky. The deep, black ocean was becoming blue. I started to smell a fresh breeze around me. Gradually, my life started to feel more colorful like a rainbow. Now I can communicate with people. For example, I have confidence in myself and in starting a conversation. I have confidence in raising a topic and I know how to make people around me participate in my conversation.  I can joke and laugh with everybody around me.  I feel relaxed when I am approached by a stranger, and the best part is that I am now able to approach strangers. My relationship with my husband, my family members, my teachers, and my friends has gotten better. I can see all the changes in me, happening little by little, and now I am piecing together a puzzle in my life to make it complete. This would not have happened if I had not attended this course. My personality wouldn’t have improved. I would still be a person locked in a dark, quiet cage without an exit. This course, this very special gift, changed my entire life in positive ways; moreover, it has made me a new person.