My Most Precious Gift

                               By Yajaira Barrera

            Many people receive great gifts during their lives, some of which have significant monetary value. However, the greatest gift I have ever received had no real monetary value.  I will never forget the special gift of three chicken eggs in a plastic bag that were given to me by a very poor lady several years ago.  She gave me those eggs after I had taught her about religion for a week in a small impoverished town in Mexico.  The gift was so special to me because it was very unusual and totally unexpected. First of all, I will never forget the strange feeling of receiving three eggs as a gift.  A person  can give a ring, a flower or a kiss. However, nobody would think of giving eggs as a present, but this lady did, and I appreciate that because it was original, creative and unique.  It was also completely unexpected.  I had lived among the people in the town for a week, and I never imagined the reaction they would have at the end of that week.  We shared a lot of rich experiences during that time.  We worked and learned together and even though it was such a short time, we felt we had known each other since long ago.   These were very poor people, and for that lady to give me three eggs was very significant, for those eggs were probably her food for the entire day.  Her gesture represented to me all the affection that somebody can show in a simple way. Her gift also represented her gratitude and generosity.  Those three chicken eggs were the most precious gift I have ever received because they showed me how to express love and gratitude in a very genuine way.