Many Good Reasons to Use the ESL Lab ~

                                           Resources for ESL 344, 342, and 343

ESL 344 Listening/Speaking

Instructional Medium

Skill Emphasis

Longman English Assessment

Interactive Software

Take the beginning listening test to determine your level in English Interactive.

English Interactive Level 1 (or level determined by LEA)

Interactive software

Listening, speaking, reading, grammar

Side by Side 1A and 1B

Interactive Software

Listen and speaking; learn grammar for many language functions

World Link 1

Interactive software; sign up in Lab.

Listening and reading skills; phrases and vocabulary for many purposes.

Connect  with English Books 1 and 2

Video, DVD, and online

Improve listening comprehension and learn about American culture.

NorthStar Introductory

Audio CDs

Improve istening comprehension and pronunciation.

American Accent Program

Interactive software

Icon on Desktop

Pronounce, record, and compare consonants, vowels, & intonation.

Focus on Pronunciation 1

Text and audio CDs

Pronunciation improvement

ESL 343 Reading   Instructional Medium   Skill Emphasis  
The Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive software; Open icon on desktop Vocabulary & pronunciation; Read, listen & speak. Record, play back and compare.

Active Skills for Reading Introductory Level 

Text and audio CD

Reading , listening, vocabulary

Active Skills for Reading Level 1

Text and audio CD

Reading , listening, vocabulary

Reading Advantage Level 1

Text and audio CD

Reading , listening, vocabulary

Password 1

Audio CD

Reading , listening, vocabulary

Stories Worth Reading 1

Text and audio CD

Reading , listening, vocabulary

Newbury House Dictionary

Icon on desktop with sound files

Vocabulary, word forms, listening, pronunciation

ESL 342 Writing/Grammar

 Instructional Medium

 Skill Emphasis

Focus on Grammar 1 Interactive Interactive software; Open icon on desktop. Grammar, reading, listening, writing & assessment

Grammar Sense 1

Interactive Software

Grammar activities and games

Center Stage 1 or 2 CD-Rom and Audio CD Texts and CDs available in lab

Grammar in Context 1

Audio CDs

Grammar, listening, reading 

Online Lab

Find links for language practice under the 340 Series

Dictionaries Available in the Lab

Newbury House Dictionary of American English: Icon on desktop and paperback copies

The Oxford Picture Dictionary: Vocabulary & pronunciation; Read, listen & speak. Record, play back and compare.

The Oxford Genie: Interactive software; Open icon on desktop. Put your cursor over a word on the Internet or in an MS Word document and the definition comes up. Listen for pronunciation. Or type the word you need to look up.

Longman Dictionary of American English: Borrow the CD-Rom or the paperback. Use the CD on computers on the right side of the lab or in the foyer #1, 2, and 3.

Oxford ESL Dictionary Workbook: Paperback - Learn dictionary skills.

Longman American Idioms Dictionary - Paperback Edition - Learn common idions

Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary - Paperback - Learn phrasal verbs

Multilingual Dictionaries Available: Vietnamese-English; Spanish-English; Amharic-English; Chinese-English; Persian-English

All of the learning materials and dictionaries listed above may be used in the ESL Lab and study areas (L-123 and L-124) and in the foyer. Lab material may not be removed from the lab. Please visit our lab often and select the programs that are best for you or that your teacher recommends.

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