Many Good Reasons to Use the ESL Lab ~
Lab Resources  for
ESL 314, 312, 313, and 317   

ESL 314 Listening/Speaking

Instructional Medium

Skill Emphasis




Longman English Assessment

Interactive Software

Listening, reading, writing

English Interactive – Level 4

Interactive software

Listening, speaking, reading & grammar

Short Takes 3 DVD Speaking, grammar, pronunciation

Talking Business

Interactive software

Listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking

NorthStar High-HighIntermediate

Audio CDs


Lecture Ready 2

DVD and Audio CDs

Listening to comprehend academic lectures and note taking skills

Noteworthy Audio CDs Listening and note taking skills
More of the Real Thing & Inside America DVDs Listening to college lectures / U.S. Culture

ESL 313 Reading

  Instructional Medium

Skill Emphasis  

Access 21st Century GED Reading

Interactive software; Icon on Desktop

Reading , listening, and vocabulary  improvement

Inside Reading Book 2 Text and CD-Rom Reading and Vocabulary (Activities based on the Academic Word List)

Active Skills for Reading Level 4

Text and audio CD

Reading , listening, vocabulary

Reading Advantage Level 3

Text and audio CD

Reading , listening, vocabulary

Oxford Phrasebuilder Genie

Interactive Software

Interactive Advanced Dictionary and Oxford's Collocations Dictionary

Phrasebuilder Genie Extras

Interactive Software

Vocabulary activities

ESL 312 Introduction to Essay Writing

 Instructional Medium

 Skill Emphasis

Understanding and Using English Grammar

Interactive software-

Icon on desktop

Grammar, reading, writing;

Record dialogues and playback

Focus on Grammar  4

Interactive software

Grammar, Listening, Reading, Writing

Grammar Sense 3

Interactive software 

Grammar activities and games

Read, Write, Edit
Grammar for College Writers

Textbook and Express CD

Read and edit for grammar errors; plan, organize, and edit writing

Grammar in Context 3

Audio CDs

Grammar, listening, and reading

Easy Writer Level 3 and Expert Level

Interactive software; icon on desktop

Read and Edit for errors; review grammar notes

Writer’s Resources

Interactive software

Essay development and sentence grammar

Online Lab

Find links for Writing and Grammar under the 310 Series .

  San Jose Writes ~ Use the Edit Grid to improve your writing skills.

ESL 317 Pronunciation



American SpeechSounds

Interactive software; Borrow the CD-Rom

Pronounce with video and audio help

Well Said

Text and audio CDs

Pronunciation, reading, spelling

Targeting Pronunciation Audio CDs Pronunciation improvement
Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test (iBT)
Please ask our Instructional Assistant  or Kathy Hanson about our Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test (iBT) that is available in the ESL Lab. CD-Roms for each of the skills tested are on designated computers. The books may be used only inside the ESL Lab. Please don't write in them. Ask if you need a page copied.
Dictionaries available in the ESL Lab:
the Newbury House Dictionary Interactive software; Open icon on desktop. Paperbacks available. Vocabulary, listening, word webs; flashcards, and pronunciation key
The Oxford Genie and Phrasebuilder Genie Interactive software; Open icon on desktop Put your cursor over a word on the Internet or in an MS Word document for the definition, or type in a word. Click the listening icon to hear the word.
Oxford Collocations Dictionary Text with CD-Rom Look up words for their use in common phrases or expressions
Longman Advanced American Dictionary Borry the CD-Rom or the paperback. Use the CD on computers on the left side of the lab or in the foyer #4, 5, and  6.
Longman American Idioms Dictionary Text Learn common idioms.
Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary Text Learn phrasal verbs.
Longman Business English Dictionary Text Learn the language of business
Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English Text Dictionary with grammar and usage notes
Roget's Thesaurus Text  Learn synonyms
Oxford Dictionaries for phrasal verbs, idioms, and business are also available.
Multilingual Dictionaries:  Vitenamese-English; Spanish-English; Amharic-English; Chinese-English; Persian-English
All of the ESL Lab materials and dictionaries listed may be used in the ESL Lab and study areas (L-123 and L-124) and in the foyer. Lab materials may not be removed from the lab. Please visit the ESL Lab often. The online lab may be used wherever you have access to the Internet.

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