Welcome to the ESL Multimedia Lab L 120
ESL 302L

 ESL 302L is a .5 unit required lab course for all students in ESL 302.  Your ESL 302 instructor will bring you to the ESL Lab for an orientation session and introduce the lab software that will help you succeed in ESL 302.

What will I need to use the lab?
A student identification card for the current semester.
   *Earphones for listening are provided but you may bring your own.

What should I do when I come to the lab?
   *Login at the Lab timekeeper. Type in your student ID number only.
*Use the software or borrow multimedia material with your student ID, get help on a paper or attend a workshop.
Log out
when you leave the lab. Type your student ID number. 

How much time do I need to spend in the lab to get credit?
To get credit for .5 unit, you need 24 hours of practice time, but you may do more. You may complete eleven hours at home on the Internet, using our online lab: www.eslstation.net.  Under the link for 106/302/91 on the home page, you can study grammar,  writing, or reading links. When you study online at home, write down your time on the yellow timesheet. You can pick one up in the Lab. Record each practice session on the timesheet. The last day to turn in a timesheet is Monday of the last week of the semester, 5:00 P.M.

How can I get help in the Lab?
Instructors are scheduled to work in the Lab Monday through Friday. You can ask them to help you individually, in small groups, or at the computer.

Our full time instructional assistant is Diane Borella. she will be in the Lab to assist you Monday through Friday.

Our evening lab clerk, Mr. Uc Lai, and student assistants can help you log in and out, show you how to play audio CDs, help you operate computer software programs and show you how to use Microsoft Word. You will know these assistants by the badge they wear.

Can I print in the Lab?
You may print ESL 302 class assignments, grammar charts and notes from the software, assigned readings from the Internet, or any work related to ESL 302. Your $2.00 material fee gives you access to the printer inside the ESL Lab only.

ESL Lab Policies
All students are asked to follow lab policies and to be considerate of other students who need a quiet work environment.

       Log in and Log out each time you use the Lab.

        Turn off your cell phone or pager before you enter the Lab.

        Bring no food, drinks, or chewing gum into the Lab.

        Do not change Internet settings or desktop icons. 

        Save all personal files on a USB drive. If you save a file on the desktop, drag it to the recycle bin after printing.

        Use E-mail for class assignments only. No personal e-mail or web browsing is allowed in the Lab.

        Do not download anything on the computer desktop.

        Print one copy only of any ESL assignment you are working on. Do not print material for non-ESL courses. Print very limited material from the Internet. Copy the section you need and paste it on a Word document before printing.

        Return any borrowed material to the lab assistant before leaving. No material may be taken out of the Lab or borrowed overnight.

        Speak softly and work as quietly as possible to maintain a peaceful study environment.

Please use the ESL Lab often for language assistance!

ESL Station