Present Tense: Now and Always  Learn how present tense works with auxiliary (helping) verbs and adverbs of frequency.

 The Simple Present form of Be and Other Verbs  Study the page and then practice the mixed exercises at the bottom of the page (from Perfect

Spelling changes for simple present tense  When does final -y change to -i? When is the plural form an extra syllable?

English Verb Tenses  Click on the tense you want to study and learn how to make the tense and how to use it. At the bottom of each lesson you will find interactive exercises.

Simple present tense  Study the lesson and then click "Continue with Exercises" at the bottom of the page.

Four Uses of the Simple Present Tense

Present and past tenses  Click on "Verbs" for an overview of present, past, and future tenses.

Verb Tenses  Continue with the interactive exercises on the simple verb tenses.

Irregular Verbs

Basic Irregular Verbs  Be, Have, Do and other common irregular verbs. Study the page and then click "Continue with the Exercises" at the bottom of the page.

Irregular Verb list and practice exercises  Study the irregular forms of the verbs in the table. Below the table, click the link for irregular verb exercises.

English Zone Irregular Verb List 

Questions  Learn question word order for yes/no and information questions using  all of the verb tenses. Try the exercises for each tense.


Introducing Adjectives     A good lesson on Adjectives

Find the Adjective    Can you find the adjective?

Nouns as Adjectives   Practice this activity to learn how nouns are used as adjectives.


Adverbs    A good lesson on Adverbs

Spelling Adverbs with -ly

Adverbs of Frequency   Review adverbs of frequency and do the activity.  Click Next Question to start.

Articles A and An

Article A or An?   Learn when to use the articles A and AN.

A/AN Quiz  Take the quiz.


Common Uses of Prepositions  Study uses of prepositions and try the exercises from

Verb + Preposition Quiz  Take this quiz on prepositions that follow verbs.

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