LanguageGuide.org  Put the cursor on a picture and hear the word.
Low Beginning Vocabulary  Click on a topic and play the words with pictures.
Vocabulary from eflnet.com  Click a topic under Picture Vocabulary.  Then click on a picture to hear its name. Scroll down to  Advanced vocabulary  for word exercises and quizzes.
Interactive Crossword Puzzles These crossword puzzles will build your vocabulary and spelling skills. Type letters for words in the highlighted red squares. Click "Get 1 letter" if you need help.
Spanish to English vocabulary  If you speak Spanish, this is a great site for you. Click a topic to study, like "Describing People." Then click the sound icon to hear the list of words in Spanish and English.
Anagrams  Anagrams are words formed by using letters from another word in a different order. Try to guess another word that has the same letters as the word you are given.
Vocabulary Quizzes  Click the links under  Vocabulary Quizzes at this site.
Try these Clip Art Collections to help you learn vocabulary.

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