Phonetics  From the University of Iowa, learn the sounds of American English  with this complete phonetics course from the University of Iowa. Video and audio clips provided. 
Clear Speech From the Start  The audio files from the textbook, Clear Speech From the Start include everything except tests and quizzes. Use these files to practice pronouncing English.
Confused sounds  Practice many pairs of sounds that are often confused.
Wordblender Game   You'll have fun with this site. When Mr.Wordblender comes up, click start. Click the sound the word begins with and the sound it ends with. Click Go to blend the beginning and ending sounds to create a word. Click the buttons under Home on the left for other pronunciation and spelling activities.
English Pronunciation   Click each of the four links next to English Pronunciation. Click Activities and Exercises for more practice.
Unstressed Syllables  Practice all the links under Reduced Forms and then take a Quiz.
Pronounce the Consonants  Click on each consonant sound for many practice activities. 
Pronounce the Vowels  Click on each Vowel sound for many practice activities.
More Pronunciation Practice  This page needs to be updated, but you can practice many aspects of pronunciation here with video and audio.

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