Connect with English Section 1: Big Dreams - Click the arrow in the video frame to watch Episodes 1-12 of Connect with English. Click the Practice tab to complete activities.
Connect with English Section 2: A New Life - Watch Episodes 13-24 of Connect with English. Click the practice tab for activities.
Connect with English Idioms Flash Cards  dioms from Book 1, Episode 4
Connect with English Idioms Flash Cards  Idioms from Book 1, Episode 6.
Connect with English Irregular Verb QuizzesEpisodes 7 - 12.
NorthStar Audio Files Type the password F253EFE302 ( if you need it) and hit enter. To get audio files, by Book Title, select your textbook (NorthStar 1 Listening and Speaking) and then click the unit you want to study.
Northstar   This site goes with the Northstar series. Under Student Resources click the activity of your choice: Internet Activities, Crossword Puzzles, Word Search Puzzles, and Vocabulary Exercises
World Link 1  Activities and Resources for this text are at this site. If the Heinle Cengage Learning page comes up, just click continue and you should get to the page you need.
It Only Takes a Girl and The Girl Effect ~ a timely topic for discussion.
English for All  An excellent free website for adult learners of English. You can sign in or use the visitor link. Movies play with QuickTime.
Mansion ingles  If you speak Spanish, this is a great site for you. Under the Basic Level click the down arrow and select a topic and then click Ir a listening [Go to listening]. Click the earphone picture to start the audio. Continue with the interactive exercises that follow each listening file.
California Distance Learning Project  Listen as you read about 11 different topics. Click the picture of the topic you are interested in. Many reading links are under each topic.  Listen as you read along. Some stories have video.
elllo  English Listening Lab Online - Click a topic. First listen by clicking Play audio (Part 1). Then do Parts 2, 3, and 4.   Try the General Listening Quizzes that are marked easy and Short.  You can listen with our without text and take quizzes after listening. 
Randall's Video Snapshots  Watch short videos on many cultural topics. There are practice activities for each video.

ESL Station         ESL 340 Series