It's not the preference for one hand or another (the other if you only have two); it's the practice of writing frequently that matters!


Focus on Grammar 2  Select a unit under Student Resources.
MyEnglishLab  Login page for students enrolled in MyEnglishLab for Fundamentals of English Grammar.
Great Sentences for Great Paragraphs  Student Resources for the textbook. Click Exercises and then select a chapter.
Focus on Grammar Basic  Click Student Resources on the left side of the page and select a unit. Then write about the topic given.  See a lab instructor for feedback on your writing.
NorthStar  Companion web site for NorthStar Reading and Writing (basic/low intermediate level). Under Student Resources, select Writing Checklist, Vocabulary Banks, or Internet Activities.
Capital letters, Spelling Rules, Punctuation  Visit he English Club site for lessons on all three of the above.
Sentence Grammar  This site explains Punctuation, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, and Frequently Confused Words.
The Structure of a Paragraph  Good lessons on planning and writing a paragraph with all the essential parts.
Organizing details in the paragraph   Here you can review basic adverbs and transition words that can help you with chronological order and spatial relationships in writing.
Parts of the Paragraph  Click on the parts of the paragraph (Topic Sentence, Three Main Points, Conclusion) to learn their functions and read examples.
Punctuation Quiz 1   Take these quizzes from Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe.

Punctuation Quiz 2

Spelling words with ie and ei   Review Spelling rules for words with ie and ei.

ESL Station          ESL 330 Series