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Encarta   An excellent dictionary with audio. Type in a word for a definition.
Low Intermediate Vocabulary  Practice the exercises under Words and Phrases, Quick Links, and  Quizzes from the Internet TESL journal.
Hot Topics  Site for Hot Topics textbook. Select a chapter and build your vocabulary with a Glossary (with audio), Flash Cards, Concentration, and Crossword Puzzle.
Vocabulary Quizzes   You can find hundreds of easy vocabulary and spelling exercises here. Follow directions carefully for each one as they are all very different.
Useful Word Lists   Scroll down to "Useful word lists" for links that will help you with vocabulary usage (Phrasal verbs, Say or Tell? Do or Make?) prepositions, irregular verbs, prefixes and much more. Check out all the links for a very good vocabulary review.
Words that go together  Study collocations - words that often occur together to make common phrases, like take a break.
Most common prefixes Learn the most common prefixes with their meaning and a sample word.
Prefixes  Learn common prefixes and their meaning.
The Idiom Connection  English Idioms and Quizzes: learn idioms by letter or by topic.
More Idioms from Dave's ESL Cafe   Select a letter and then click "Take me There." A list of idioms beginning with the letter you chose will come up along with example sentences.

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