Reading & Vocabulary Focus 2 published by Cengage
Includes Vocabulary Flashcards, Glossary of keywords, and Audio for the textbook.
The Circuit  Comprehension/Discussion Questions for the book, The Circuit.
News for You  Select a story you want to read. Click "Hear the whole story" to listen and read along. Click on any single line to listen to it. Study the weekly vocabulary list. Point at a word to get its definition. Try the crossword puzzle. The password for SJCC students is 028F6B.
Famous People  Read short biographies of famous people. Print off the lessons for practice.
CDLPONLINE   Select a topic from California Distance Learning Project Online. Choose a reading. Listen to the reading and answer questions about it for practice.
ESL Garden Stories  Read stories about American history and on other interesting topics. Download the document and complete the vocabulary and comprehension questions after the story.
Active Skills for Reading  The companion web site for Active Skills for Reading Book 2. Select a chapter and click Online Activities.
Insights for Today  Companion web site for the textbook, Insights for Today, with lots of activities for practice.
Aesop's Fables  Select a fable to read. Double click on a word for a definition. Not all words are defined. Click the sound icon if there is one to hear the word.
America's Story   A great site from America's Library. Here you can Meet Amazing Americans, Jump Back in Time, Explore the States, Join America at Play, and See, Hear, and Sing. 
America's Story  Here you can pick a level you are comfortable with and study a vocabulary list, read a story using that vocabulary and do comprehension questions.
Time for Kids   and Time for Kids News   Time For Kids Magazines Grade levels 4-6 ~ Read interesting articles and keep up with current events with these two links.
Chinese Lunar Calendar   Get information about the Chinese New Year Calendar and descriptions of people born in each year of the 12-year cycle.
Book-Pop  Just for fun, click on a story under The Collection. Click Listen to hear the story page by page and practice pronunciation. If you have children, listen to the tales with them. For a surprise, click the letters and holes at the side of the page!
Penquin Dossiers     
Click Archive and select All Topics (culture, film, modern life, music, news, pop stars, sports). Click Audio to both read and listen to a topic. Factsheet is for instructors' classroom activities.
Resources for Penguin Dossiers (Level 1)  The Penquin Readers Factsheets - Click  Factsheet for any story and wait for the file to load. Each factsheet includes a story summary, notes about the author and information about the background and themes. Open the PDF file to print the test and the test key.
Resources for Penguin Dossiers  (Level 2) The Penguin Readers Factsheets - See instructions above.
National Geographic Map Machine   Do you have a report due on a particular country? You can get valuable information on countries around the world from this The National Geographic Map Machine.
Short Stories  This site offers several short stories for your reading pleasure.  Read other material on the home page of this site.  
Folktales from around the world  Some links still work.
Most common prefixes in English  Learning the meaning of common prefixes with examples will help you improve your reading skills.
What a Life  Read more about the famous people in the What A Life series.  Click the text that is the same as your ESL class book.
Sue Wilson's Page for ESL 333

ESL STATION          ESL 330 Series