English Pronunciation and Grammar Lessons with Jennifer  Select a video on a topic you need to practice. There are many!
Pronouncing the "th" sound in English  Below the video you will find many more pronunciation videos.
English with Stacy   This website has many great videos that will help you pronounce the sounds of English and various word endings.
Sound Bites  Student activities and tests for the text, Sound Bites
Clear Speech  Scroll down past the first set of files to play the audio files for the textbook, Clear Speech.
The International Phonetic Alphabet  Learn the phonetic symbols for the sounds of English.
Vowels   Practice the vowel sounds.
Consonants    Practice the consonant sounds and sound-spelling patterns.
Linking  Practice linking final consonants with initial vowels in the story of Rip Van Winkle.
Rachel's English   Scroll below the video for the complete selection of pronunciation videos.
Rachel's English  A collection of videos on reduction and linking in English.
Rachel's English  A collection of videos on pronouncing the vowels, diphthongs, and consonants.
Pronounce the  [] Sound  A video demonstration on how to pronounce [] as in cat.
/ng/ sound  Learn to pronounce words with  -ing ending (Video in slow motion included).
Sounds of English   Click the links English Pronunciation and Activities and Exercises.
Video on Pronouncing the Alphabet   A great video on pronouncing the letters as when you have to spell your name or other words.
Pronounce the past Tense  Use this video to focus on past tense sounds.
Final Sounds in Words  Use this video to focus on reducing your accent by focusing on final word sounds.
Language   Learn to pronounce words here with this excellent audio pictionary.
Sentence Practice with Minimal Pairs    Don't miss this extensive practice site with interactive minimal pair practice. Click an exercise, read the directions and then do the exercises.
Phonemes    Learn all the phonemes (sounds) of English with their International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols.  Click Amer to hear American pronunciation for the words given for each phoneme.
More Pronunciation Practice    Most of the links on this page still work . 
PBS   Stories from this children's site provide excellent pronunciation practice. 
PBS   Four songs focusing on different sounds of English. Click one of the pictures on the left or wait for the first one to begin.
Tongue Twisters  Practice a tongue twister for each letter of the alphabet.

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