Connect with English   These video series are no longer available.
Connect with English  Comprehension / Discussion Questions for Episodes 25-36
Connect with English  Comprehension / Discussion Questions for Episodes 37-48
Student Resources for NorthStar Basic Listening/Speaking text. Under Student Resources only the vocabulary banks are accessible.
The Best Speech  A plea for environmental responsibility by a Canadian 12-year-old at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.
BBC Learning English Click the audio file for each topic you open on the old site. Vocabulary notes will follow. A link to the new site is also available.
News for You Online  This site is by subscription. There is a link to try it for free.
CNN Student News  Listening to a news report every day will improve your listening comprehension.
Breaking News English  See Recent Lessons or scroll down to lessons based on themes. An archive of over 1000 lessons is available.
ESL Podcasts  These podcasts are spoken slowly and clearly. Click the arrow on the picture to see how it works. This is a subscription site with great listening lessons.
Sounds Good  Click Level 1 or Level 2 and work your way through the 12 Units. Directions are on each page. Click the sound icon to listen.
English Language Listening Lab Online (elllo) Choose a topic, click on the link and play the audio.
Online listening dialogues and listening games from elllo.
Randall's Cyber Listening Cafe  Don't be confused by the add. Scroll down to the General Listening Quizzes that are marked easy and Short Listening Exercises (at bottom) marked medium. Pre-listening, Listening, and post-listening exercises give hours of listening practice.  
Stories to listen to  The list of stories is from the California Distance Learning Project. Click the name of a story you want to read. Click the LISTEN button to hear the story as you read. You can then work through the activities and hear the pronunciation of words.
Real English Video Lessons  Try the intermediate videos starting with Lesson 16. If too difficult, Click Beginning. 
Mansion Ingles  A great site for Spanish speakers. Select a dialogue under Intermediate Level. Click the earphone to start the audio. Continue with the interactive exercises that follow each listening file.

 ESL Station          ESL 330 Series