The links below have been selected for students enrolled in ESL 323 at San Jose City College or for any students who need to build their vocabulary skills at an intermediate level of English language proficiency. Instructional assistance and software materials are available in the ESL Lab for all students enrolled in the lab course ESL 194 for any 320 series course.   

Learn Vocabulary in Context

News English and more   Under News English click words in the news. Read and listen to the story. Below the story, study definitions of words and listen to them. The BBC World Service Learning English Program has several other learning links, including Grammar and Vocabulary.
Election Vocabulary Use 2012 Election flash cards to help you learn common vocabulary for political elections.
Idioms Flashcards
Quizlet: Psychology ~ Why Spanking is Bad This vocabulary quiz helps build your word knowledge for Unit 10 in NorthStar 3 Listening and Speaking.

Word Lists and Vocabulary Exercises

Academic Word List  Click on a sublist at the top of the page and then scroll to the exercises for that sublist. Try to master the first three sublists by doing all of the exercises that provide practice.
Interactive Vocabulary Exercises  Use to find flashcards. Type in a topic like Immigration or select one of the six categories to study. There is audio for every word. Study words with interactive Study, Learn, and Test links. Play games with Scatter and Space Race links.
High Intermediate Vocabulary  These interactive practice exercises are guaranteed to improve your vocabulary.
Easily Confused Words and Another list and More with Homophones and  More practice
Confusing Words and Expressions  A great BBC vocabulary building site
Phrase Finder  Search this site for the meaning and origins of phrases. Click the A-Z Index to find the phrase.
Vocabulary Quizzes  A long list of English vocabulary quizzes from medium to difficult
Useful Word Lists and Practical Vocabulary  English Club vocabulary index
Word List  The 2000 most useful words in English - a long list!
Vocabulary Quizzes  Practice selecting the most common words in chunks of language from published articles.


Idiom Dictionary   Cambridge Idiom Dictionary - Type in an idiom to get its definition.   Idioms are arranged alphabetically and definitions include information on origins of the idioms.
Idiom Practice  Use this list of idioms with example sentences to improve colloquial English.

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb Collocations  Study collocations with commonly used verb + noun combinations.
Phrasal Verb Dictionary  Click a letter on the left to learn many phrasal verbs beginning with that letter. High frequency verbs are used in sentences.
Phrasal Verbs  Scroll down to QUIZZES for a long list of interactive tests with common phrasal verbs. 

Companion Web Sites for Texts and Dictionaries

Hot Topics  Web site for Hot Topics 2. Student resources include a glossary (with audio), flash cards, concentration game, and crossword puzzles. Select the chapter you wish to study.
Academic Word Power Book 1  These vocabulary activities accompany Academic Word Power Book 1.
Academic Word Power Book 2  These vocabulary activities accompany Academic Word Power Book 2.
Newbury House Dictionary Vocabulary Activities  Interactive activities, printable crossword puzzles, and  pronunciation guide are available.  
Longman Dictionary Vocabulary Web Site    Click into this Longman site for exercises on word parts, dictionary exercises, context clues, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, easily confused words, and vocabulary in real life.
Synonym Dictionary  Enter a word to find synonyms or antonyms.
Synonyms  Interactive quizzes for synonyms, Business English, Confusing Words, and Idioms.

Links for  Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes

Greek and Latin Roots  This site contains a long list of base forms (Roots) of English words, their meaning and origin.  Continue scrolling for lists of  Prefixes and suffixes.
The Roots of English   Excellent source for Latin and Greek prefixes, word roots, and suffixes.
Prefixes and Suffixes  Lists of most common prefixes and suffixes in pdf format.
Prefixes   Another list of prefixes from The English Club

Miscellaneous Vocabulary  Build your vocabulary and learn to spell with this amazing site. Type in words you need to master from your own reading lessons and select different action buttons to practice and test yourself.
Prepositions Click on the picture of the wizard and then select the FREE exercises - the ones with this symbol [].
Slang   Meanings of common slang expressions with sentence examples
Spelling Rules   Spelling rules for words with ie and ei.
Spelling Activities  Practice spelling with easy and hard options

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