Companion Web Sites for Texts and Topics

MyEnglishLab  Access to MyEnglishLab for students enrolled in a (FOG) Focus on Grammar online program.
Focus On Grammar 3  Companion web site for the latest edition of Focus on Grammar, Level 3. Select a unit under Student Resources.
Grammar in Context 3  Companion web site for the latest edition of Grammar in Context 3.
What the World Eats  Scroll through these pictures to compare/contrast what people eat in different countries around the world.

Paragraph Writing

The Structure of a Paragraph  This site has concise lessons on The Structure of a Paragraph and tips for effective paragraph writing.
The Paragraph  To move through this excellent Power Point presentation, click the left mouse button to get the next frame.
Focus on Controlling Ideas  Select the sentence that has a clear controlling idea.
Four Basic Steps to Writing a Paragraph   A Power Point presentation ~ Work your way through the steps on the left side of the page.
Parts of a Paragraph and How to Write One  Click the links for Parts of a Paragraph, How to Write One, and Kinds of Paragraphs.
The Paragraph ~ OWL English, Purdue
Short Essays  Click on a topic of interest and then on Paragraphs. Read short essays with paragraph notes on the side.
Paragraph Topics  Scroll down to the topics. Select one and print the page to practice writing a paragraph.
Sentence Structure: Transitions Print this page for a list of transitions according to their meaning and a practice activity.
Steps to Writing Well   Click the links under Steps to Writing Well: Topic Sentence, Developing the Topic and Paragraph Unity and Coherence
Proofreading Strategies  Check the two links on Revision Strategies and Editing Strategies.

Sentence Grammar

The Parts of Speech  A Power Point presentation on the parts of speech and how they are used in sentences.
The Parts of Speech and Their Sentence Functions  Links on the page lead to many exercises on the various parts of speech and how they are used in sentences.
Sentence Essentials  Lessons and Interactive Activities on sentences (High-Intermediate to Advanced)
Independent and Dependent Clauses A quick lesson on dependent markers (subordinators) and independent markers (coordinators) from OWL, Purdue.
Correlative Conjunctions   A brief review with notes about using parallel structure with correlative conjunctions.
Correlative Conjunctions 2 Study the page and test your ability to use correlatives with the two practice activities.
Online Writing Support from Towson University Lessons on the parts of speech and usage, sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization with related exercises.

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