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The links below have been selected for students enrolled in ESL 323 at San Jose City College or for any students who need to practice reading at an intermediate level of English language proficiency. Instructional assistance and excellent software programs are  available in the ESL Lab for all students enrolled in the Lab course ESL 508 for ESL 323.

Interactive Sites for Reading/Vocabulary Improvement

News for You Online  You can listen to a story, read it, and complete vocabulary and comprehension activities. The password for SJCC ESL students is 028F6B.
E-News   Weekly news for English language learners. Select a news article and then choose intermediate.
The Times in Plain English  Select a topic from the top or left side column. Click on an article title to read. Highlight a sentence or the article & click on the sound icon to listen to the highlighted text.
English Reading  Pick a level you are comfortable with and learn new vocabulary and test your comprehension.
California Distance Learning Project   Select a subject area to read about and then click a topic.  Click Activities to get a list of exercises or just click the Next arrow at the bottom of each page.
Learning Resources  Click story archives to read more stories. Try the interactive exercises above each story.
Cloze Test Reading Exercises   This is an excellent Interactive site with active dictionary.

This is America: Mini-Novels   These are quick stories that you can listen to and at the end of the stories, do comprehension, close, dictation exercises. By Rong-chang ESL, Inc.

English Zone  Choose a specific topic and then choose a page to read. by Kaye M. Mallory  

Companion Websites for Textbooks and Instructors' Links

Active Skills for Reading - Visit the companion web site for Book 3. Select a chapter and then click Online Activities. 
Reading and Vocabulary Activities  for Active Skills for Reading Book 3, first Edition. Prepared by K. Hanson for ESL 323 students.
Issues for Today  Online activities to accompany the textbook. Select a chapter and then practice with the glossary (listen to words on the list),  flashcards, and  crossword puzzle.  Activity for Chapter 1
Reading Matters 2  Visit the companion web site for Internet activities for Reading Matters 2.
Lupita Mañana  - Discussion questions and journal assignments based on the novel 
Online Literature Library  Read classic literature online. In the ESL Lab, open Phrasebuilder Genie for an interactive dictionary.
American Roots  Find additional readings to accompany the textbook, American Roots,  improve reading and vocabulary and gain cultural and historical information.
Sue Wilson's Page ~ Activities for ESL 323

Mysteries, Folktales, Short Stories, History

ESL Garden Stories  Read stories about American history and on 11 other interesting topics.

Sherlock Holmes   Read  Sherlock Holmes Mystery Stories at this site. 

Folktales Categorized by Theme  Scroll down and select a theme and read many folktales that relate to the theme. While in the ESL Lab, open Oxford Genie  on a Lab computer for help with vocabulary.
Aesop's Fables  Scroll down to the table with Section 1, Section 2, etc. Open the link for many fables within each section.
Krampus  Read stories about Krampus, the evil counterpart to St. Nicholas (Santa Claus), who inspires fear in children in several European countries.
Short Stories  Read short stories posted by the English
The  Gift of the Magi  Read this famous story by O. Henry. Click hyperlinked words. The definition appears at the bottom of the page.
America's Story   America's Story from America's Library. Here you can find the following links: Meet Amazing Americans, Jump Back in Time, Explore the States, Join America at Play, and See, Hear, and Sing. 
The Underground Railroad  Click the links above "A Story of the Underground Railroad" to read about the courageous people who helped slaves flee from servitude and events surrounding their emancipation.
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl  This online book by Harriet Jacobs describes her life as a slave in the south and her later life after escaping the bonds of slavery.
The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology Read an interesting feature story of the home page or go to Collections and read about archeological objects from all over the world.

Miscellaneous Sites

ESL Podcast Blog  This well written blog has a lot of cultural information and current events.
Latino Adult Education Services  Read a series of instructional modules on immigrant issues entitled "Tierra de Oportunidad." The lessons cover four areas: Advancing Work and Career, Managing Family Life, Promoting Community Participation, and Developing Lifelong Learning.
Word Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes  Learn the meaning of roots, prefixes, and suffixes with examples of words for each.
Quotations Page  Over 2000 quotations are archived here. You will also find a quote of the day.
National Geographic Map Machine   The National Geographic Map Machine for information on countries around the world.  Read profiles of 192 independent nations, U.S. states and Canadian provinces.
Dear Abby   Read Dear Abby letters often found in local newspapers.  This is a good scanning exercise that gives information about American Presidents.
Reading Tips  Would you like to become a more efficient reader? Read these tips from Glendale Community College.


CNN Student News  An excellent resource for reading the news for students and teachers.  
News from Japan  Read articles from Japan's English News Watch.
News from Hong Kong  Read short summaries of the daily news from Hong Kong. 
Read News from Thailand  This newspaper covers topics in politics, society, business, etc. with a special focus on Thailand and Southeast Asia. Take a few minutes to register for your subscription. It's free and well worth the time it takes to register.
What's in a News Story  Here you will find information on how news articles are written and terms for the various parts of an article.
Christian Science Monitor  Read and listen to articles on Science and technology.
The Mercury News
The San Francisco Chronicle
The New York Times     

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