Phonetics  Learn the sounds of American English  with this complete phonetics course from the University of Iowa. Video and audio clips provided. 
Video Lessons has videos for pronouncing initial, middle, and final sounds as well as a daily practice story.
English with Stacy  This site has many videos to help you improve your pronunciation.
Pronouncing Consonant Clusters and Endings This site has additional accent reduction videos.
Phrase by Phrase  Pronunciation videos by Marsha Chan will help you improve your pronunciation phrase by phrase.
Short Videos of the sounds of English: Rachel's English shows how to pronounce sounds, sample words, and sentences; the blog posts on the right are additional videos.
English Pronunciation Lessons  Watch Jennifer's YouTube lessons on English pronunciation. (Move your mouse button and you'll get the complete list).
Everyday English Conversation Select a topic on the left. Listen to the conversation. Follow the recommended steps on the right of each dialogue. Play each line (under Vocabulary Study) and record by using Audacity on the desktop. Compare your speech to the original.
Heteronyms and Homophones - Don't miss these very clear videos.
Stress in Words and Sentences A video  introduction to an important feature of English pronunciation.
The Vowel Sounds of English   Click on a vowel's phonemic symbol for extensive practice with vowels.
Authentic American Pronunciation Scroll to the complete index of free pronunciation exercises for this site. 
Pronouncing past participles - a YouTube video from English with Stacy
Linking with vowels - a YouTube video from English with Stacy
Linking with Vowels 2 - a YouTube video from English with Stacy
SONGS  For best results, scroll down to YouTube Videos of This Song (Bicycle Built for Two). For many other songs, use the links under Previous Songs & Other Things.
Pronunciation practice with Ads  Practice your pronunciation with these interactive exercises with TV commercials.
Minimal Pair Practice  Listen to two words, and then listen and choose the word you hear.
Sounds of English and IPA  Scroll down to the International Phonetic Alphabet  (IPA) chart.  Each phonetic sound has two example words.  Click on Amer to hear the pronunciation of the words in American English.
Repeat After Us  Repeat After Us is a collection of stories, poems, classics, fables, etc. From the pull down menu at the top you can select a category of literature to listen to and practice. The works are spoken slowly and clearly for pronunciation practice.
Every Day Poets  Reciting poetry can help you improve your pronunciation. Click on Top Poems under Features on the right.

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