The links on this page will help you improve your listening skills at an intermediate level of language proficiency.


Companion Web Sites for Textbooks

Pathways 2: Listening, Speaking, & Critical Thinking 2nd Edition Audio files for lessons in your textbook.

 Vocabulary Flashcards to review key vocabulary words in each unit.

Pathways 2: Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking 1st Edition  Access the audio files for the lessons in your textbook.

Hungry Planet A Photo Journal to accompany Unit 6 Pathways 2.

NorthStar Intermediate  Under Student Resources for Longman Intermediate Listening/Speaking textbook, click "Select Resource" and select Style Glossary, Vocabulary Banks, or Internet Resources.
Quizlet on Why Spanking is Bad  This link parallels the NorthStar 3 Chapter on spanking.
Open Forum 2  Download worksheets and audio files for the textbook, Open Forum 2.
World Link 3   Online activities and resources for World Link 3 are at this site.
Sounds Good  Click Level 3 or Level 4 and work your way through the 12 Units. Directions are on each page. Click the sound icon to listen.

News Sites with Audio

The Dream Act Is Now  This video highlights exceptional students whose lives are on hold until the Dream Act passes.
The Story of "Fired Up! Ready to Go!" - Obama for America 2012, a YouTube video.
Pearson OLE Election Series Follow this guide to learn about the Presidential election.
Clinton Global Initiative  Listen to podcasts of annual meetings of the Clinton Global Initiative.
CNN Student News  Listening to a news report every day will improve your listening comprehension. Before listening, click "Transcript and Daily Curriculum. Then select "Click here for a printable version of the Daily Curriculum."  Listen and see how many questions you can answer.

Listening Journal (For one story in a daily news report)
CNN International News  Listen to News Broadcasts from different areas of the world. Select a region of the world  listed at the top of the page. Scroll to a news report with audio and click the arrow to begin listening.  Click for a Listening Journal Assignment.   (Listening Journal Worksheet)
Voice of America   Listen to and read special English reports on many interesting topics. The recordings are slow and clear for English language learners.
News for You Online  You can listen to a story, read it, and complete vocabulary and comprehension activities. The password for SJCC ESL students is 028F6B.
Breaking News English  See Recent Lessons or scroll down to lessons based on themes. An archive of over 1000 lessons is available.
ESL Learners Monthly News Digest  From you can listen to news summaries from 2006 through 2008 or open the archive. At the end of the page you will find an interactive quiz on the summaries you have read and listened to.

Practical Sites for Listening Improvement

The Moonlit Road If you like Ghost Stories, this is the site for you. The site is free. (You do not have to make a donation). Scroll to find a story that may interest you.
English Conversations   Practice Everyday English in Conversation. Select a topic on the left and listen to the conversation or dialogue. Then print it and practice it with a partner.  Select topics under General Listening Quizzes (Medium ) and topics under Listening Quizzes for Academic Purposes (Medium).  Pre-listening, Listening, and post-listening exercises provide hours of  listening practice.  
ComAudioOnline  This is a great listening site. Listen to the directions as the page opens. Click Exercises, Audio Articles, or Funny Videos on the left. From the drop down menu you can select FEATURES, STORIES, SONGS, or CHRISTMAS.
The Lion King  Don't miss listening to this wonderful story with comprehension questions. Click AngloFile to start and then click the arrow. Follow directions to work your way through the story and questions.
Dictations based on readings   Try this very challenging Dictation Activity. Select a story. Click the arrow to play and pause after every phrase. Type the prhase you heard. Click "check" and the words you've typed will be written into the text.  There are several stories to work with. You may want to read the story first. The link is at the top of the page.
English Speaking offers tips on the importance of speaking practice, telephone English, and presentations and public speaking.
Oral English Online  Scroll down to Contents and select a topic to listen to. Click each line to hear it.
Listening Activities  At this ESL Wonderland site, click a topic and do the comprehension exercises.
CNN Student News Click on video (at left) to watch a news story. Transcripts of stories and Newsquiz are available.
Wired for Books  Wired for Books:  Ohio University 's online audio includes interviews with famous 20th century authors and recordings of some of the most important classics such as Alice in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol as well as poems by well-known authors. You will find hours of listening pleasure at this link. Scroll down for the classics. This site is advanced for intermediate listeners. (RealPlayer or click the new MP3 page)

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