The links below have been selected for students enrolled in ESL 322 at SJCC or for any students who need to improve their grammar skills at an intermediate level of English language proficiency. Instructional assistance and extensive software materials are also available in the ESL Lab for students enrolled in the ESL 322L lab section paired with ESL 322.


Companion Web Sites for Textbooks

Focus on Grammar 3  Companion web site for Focus on Grammar 3. Select a unit under Student Resources.
Grammar in Context 2  At this companion web site for Grammar in Context 2, you can practice with a quiz or a writing activity for lessons from the text.
Interactions Grammar Book 2   Here you will find interactive grammar activities that support the lessons in the text.
Summit 1  Select a unit across the top of the page for Exercises and Internet Activities. Many activities have sound. Click the Pronunciator to hear words pronounced. When the pronunciator appears, click the word at the bottom of the frame.

All about Verbs

Linking Verbs  Study linking verbs in the sentence pattern Subject + Verb + Complement.
Progressive, Stative, and Dynamic Verbs  Note which verbs can be progressive.
Verb Tense Tutorial  An interactive tutorial from the Select the tense(s) you need to review.
Present Perfect Tense  Study the explanations of the uses of the present perfect tense. Scroll to the bottom of the page for interactive exercises.
Verb Tenses  Study the verb tenses and take the interactive quizzes.
Passive Voice   Study the passive voice as it is used in science to describe systems and processses. Click the arrow for explanations, examples, and exercises.
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives  Learn the comparative and superlative forms of commonly used  adjectives with one, two, and three syllables.
Verbs and Verbals  Click the type of verb or verbal you need to review in the horizontal list under the picture of the brain.  They include  [auxiliary || gerunds || infinitives || irregular || linking || mood || auxiliary || participles || phrasal || causative || factitive ||sequence || tense  and the links work on the Comnet site.

All About Sentence Grammar

Simple Sentence Patterns  A lesson from San Jose Writes on elements of simple sentences.
Word Order  Word order of Adjectives, Adverbs, and common phrases from San Jose Writes.
Adverbs Almost, Nearly, and Practically Brief examples and explanations will help you understand how these adverbs are used.
Parts of Speech and their Sentence Functions  from San Jose Writes
Word Forms and their Sentence Functions  In this activity from San Jose Writes you will select a correct word form and identify its function in a sentence.
Balancing Sentences with Parallel Forms  In this activity from San Jose Writes you will learn strategies for writing clear, balanced sentences and complete an activity on parallelism.
Joining parallel words and phrases  A Power Point video that demonstrates parallelism in sentences.
Parts of Speech  Learn the parts of speech and their functions in sentences.
Gerunds and their Sentence Functions A lesson on gerunds from San Jose Writes
Verbals: Participles, Gerunds, and Infinitives  A lesson from San Jose Writes on verbals and how to use them correctly.
Predicates, Objects, and Complements   Learn these essential parts of sentences.
Functions of Gerunds and Infinitives from Comnet   Learn the functions of gerunds and infinitives.
Conjunctions  Lists and gives examples of COORDINATING, CORRELATIVE, and SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS.
An Overview of the Sentence   Includes Verbs, Subjects, Completers and Modifiers, Embedded Thoughts, Capitalization and Punctuation, and Combining Sentences. Click the yellow button to get into each lesson.
Dependent Clause Types from Comnet   A rather advanced site for studying the dependent clauses.
Result Clauses  These exercises are based on the readings in Chapter 4, Introduction to Academic Writing, Level 3
Adjective Clauses  Read the explanation and follow up with the interactive quiz.
Conjunctions and Clauses     Determiners, Nouns, and Pronouns     Adjectives and Adverbs    Prepositions     Modals and Conditionals     Verbs and Tenses      

Questions and answers on a variety of grammar topics from BBC Learning English Site

Punctuation from San Jose Writes

Fragments  Learn to recognize and avoid sentence fragments.
Run-on Sentences  Learn to avoid run-on sentences.
Comma Splices  Recognize and avoid comma splices.
All Punctuation  Mind your punctuation!

Comprehensive English Language Learning Sites

Exercises at Grammar  Scroll through the long list to find grammar topics you would like to review with interactive practice exercises.
English Grammar Online (Ego4u) This site has explanations and practice exercises for many grammar topics.
OWL ESL Handouts Purdue University's index of ESL handouts. Scroll further to get to Exercises.
OWL Handouts by Topic Index  The index includes Capitals and Spelling, Punctuation, Sentence Construction, Parts of Speech, etc.
Index of Grammar from Comnet  This site has a complete list of grammar and writing topics for explanation and practice.
ESL Grammar Activities  Select Grammar and Dictation Activities for practice. Exercises are coded for difficulty level.   
Daily Grammar  DAILY GRAMMAR (contains good examples and explanations of numerous English grammar topics)
English Club Grammar index  Scroll to The Parts of Speech, Hot Links, and Grammar Quizzes (at the bottom of page) for practice.
Short Interactive Grammar Lessons   These include VERB TENSE, MODALS, CONDITIONAL SENTENCES, and many more practice exercises with a focus on Business English.  Try out the Intermediate Grammar, Vocabulary and Quizzes.

Miscellaneous Grammar Quizzes

Interactive Quizzes  Take the "medium" quizzes on gerunds and infinitives, reported speech, prepositions, word forms, prepositions, tenses, conditionals, etc.
English-Zone Grammar  Click on the Wizard or wait ten seconds to find some FREE GRAMMAR QUIZZES. Look for this symbol [ ] for free access. Choose intermediate or advanced levels.  This site contains explanations and practice for many grammar points and is based on Azar's text, Understanding and Using English Grammar.
Interactive Activities   Practice with the interactive exercises under intermediate. 

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