Preferred Dictionary:  The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English  
Merriam Webster Learner's Dictionary  Type  in the word you need to look up. Click the sound icon to hear the word. 
Cambridge Dictionaries Online   Select the Cambridge Dictionary of your choice at this link.
Cambridge Idiom Dictionary  
Cambridge Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs 
One Look   Type in a word for a list of that word in all the dictionaries in which it is found. Many have audio. Look up the word in the dictionary of your choice.
Wordsmyth  You can drag the WordsmythNow link onto your toolbar if you have Explorer 5+ for an active dictionary. In the ESL Lab, please use our software, Phrasebuilder Genie, to get definitions of words on any web page.
Your Dictionary  Type in a word and click GO. The dictionary entry will appear with audio, synonyms, and usage notes. 
Synonym Dictionary  Type in a word to get a synonym.
Antonym Finder   Type in a word to get an antonym.
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