Companion Websites for Textbooks

MyEnglishLab  Login page for students enrolled in MyEnglish Lab for Understanding and Using English Grammar.
Focus On Grammar 4  Select a unit under Student Resources.
Grammar in Context 3  Quizzes and writing activities to accompany the textbook.
Summit 2   A complete course from Pearson Longman. Select a unit across the top of the page for Exercises and Internet Activities. Many activities have sound. Click the Pronunciator to hear words pronounced. When the pronunciator appears, click the word at the bottom of the frame.
Grammar Diagnostic Tests   In the black frame on the left, take McGraw Hill's Diagnostic A, Diagnostic B, and Diagnostic C to discover what aspects of grammar you might want to review.
Grammar Quizzes   The activities are based on Azar's Understanding and Using English Grammar

Comprehensive Grammar Sites

Points of English Grammar  This site has grammar quizzes and practice exercises on many grammar points.
English Grammar Online (Ego4u) This site has explanations and practice exercises for many grammar topics.
The Edit Grid  Learn to recognize and edit for all the common errors. Click the Teacher Icon for practice activities.
Grammar Bytes  Find a comprehensive list of grammar terms, exercises, handouts, and tips and rules. Click on Exercises. Many exercises are free. 
Commnet's Index of Grammar Topics   Grammar topics listed alphabetically
A Guide to Grammar and Writing  Focus on Sentence Parts under Word and Sentence Level and review the topics under Paragraph Level.
All Types of Phrases   Review all types of Phrases and then take the Quizzes. 
Purdue OWL Exercises  Exercises on Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Sentence Structure, Sentence Style, Paraphrasing and Writing Numbers.
Purdue OWL Grammar Exercises  Click the grammar topic you need to review.
Complete OWL Index by Topic  Purdue University's Online Writing Lab topics.

The Three Types of Dependent Clauses

Adverb Clauses  Types of adverb clauses, examples of subordinators for each and example sentences followed by an interactive exercise. (Page 4- Sentence Structure - San Jose Writes)
Adjective Clauses  Explanations with exercises from San Jose Writes
Noun Clauses   Explanations with exercises from San Jose Writes
Adverb Clauses: Cause-Effect Relationships   Practice with a variety of cause-effect constructions
Reason and Concession Clauses  Six progressively more advanced exercises with audio.
Using Clauses as Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs  (Explanations and examples -- no interactive exercises)
An Adjective Clause Exercise  Study the explanation and examples. Print and practice writing adjective clauses.


Coordination: Joining Clauses of Equal Importance  Lists the coordinators with example sentences followed by an interactive exercise (page 3 only under Sentence Structure San Jose Writes).
Conjunctions   Lists and Examples of Coordinating, correlative, and subordinating Conjunctions.
Compound Sentences and Sentence Elements  From Commnet index
Joining Parallel Structures  - A Power Point video.

Parts of Speech

Sentence Sense   An overview of the parts of sentences: Verbs, Subjects, Completers and Modifiers, Embedded Thoughts, Capitalization and Punctuation, Combined Sentences.
Explanations and Exercises on the Parts of Speech   Having trouble understanding word form and function? Use this link.
Parts of Speech and their Sentence Functions  Scroll down to Basic Grammar for explanations and examples of all the parts of speech and their functions in sentences.
Participles as Modifiers  Explanations and interactive exercises on using present and past participial modifiers.
Gerund or Participle: Deciphering the Difference  Five pages of interactive exercises.
Causative Verbs  Active and passive forms of causative verbs.
Prepositions  Identify prepositional phrases and expand, add, arrange, and build sentences with prepositional phrases.


BBC Grammar and Vocabulary  Provides answers to your questions on the English language.  Sponsored by the European Union's Leonardo Da Vinci project, this site offers thousands of exercises and many spoken conversations on medical topics.

ESL Station          ESL 310 Series