Academic Word List  Use sublists 4, 5, and 6 or start at the beginning to master academic vocabulary.  Work your way through the exercises to practice using all the words in context.
Advanced Vocabulary from ESLGold   Practice many Academic vocabulary exercises under Words and Phrases, Advanced Quick links  and Quizzes from the Internet TESL Journal.
Advanced Vocabulary  These advanced vocabulary lists and exercises provide excellent vocabulary building activities.
SAT Vocabulary Builder  Use the flash cards for 550+ SAT vocabulary words. Click "definition" for those you don't know.
Vocabulary Lessons and Activities for Academic Topics  Under Vocabulary Materials, select a lesson that meets your needs. Interactive Quizzes are available for many.
The BBC World Service Learning English Program  has several categories of learning. For Vocabulary in the news, click on  Words in the News. Click "Listen to the story" and then click "Listen to the words." Scroll back up the page to see the menu on the left. Click "Grammar and Vocabulary."   An A+ site for multi-level puzzles, Thematic Features, and Word Activities. Click one of these links at the top.
Vocabulary Quizzes  Practice selecting the most common words in chunks of language from published articles.
Confused words with interactive practice  and  Another list with audio
Confusing Words and Expressions Click the link with the same name to learn many collocations and ways words are used in specific contexts.
Easily confused and misused words   Explanations of pairs of frequently confused words are given.
Word Web Crossword Puzzles from Newbury House Dictionary.
Quizzes on Words with Greek and Latin Roots   Select a category OF WORDS and work your way through a series of words under each category. The vocabulary is very advanced.
Collocations with Many Verbs  Under "Collocations Exercises for Specific Words for ESL," scroll down to the links that list various verbs.
Prepositions that Collocate with Nouns and Verbs  Pairs of sentences are given with an explanation of which is correct and a link to the VLC Webconcordancer for examples of word  usage.
Hot Topics    Web Site for Hot Topics 3. Student Resources (Activities) include Concentration, Crossword Puzzle, Glossary, and Flash Cards for each lesson in the text. 
Vocabulary Activities with the Newbury House Dictionary  Here you will find vocabulary activities for the online Newbury House Dictionary and many printable crossword puzzles. Check the pronunciation guide as well. Click Home to look up a word.
Vocabulary Activity with Stories  This is an excellent Interactive site with active dictionary (double click on a word and a definition will appear below the text). Read a short passage and select missing words from a list provided.
Vocabulary Self-Tests  Take the quizzes marked Intermediate or Advanced for "English Slang Idiom" and under "English Synonym Worksheets." The Activities are all interactive.
Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes  An excellent comprehensive site from Michigan State University that is sure to improve your vocabulary. Printer friendly pages are available.
Roots, prefixes and suffixes  A complete list in alphabetical order
Tameri Guide for Writers   A comprehensive list of Latin prefixes, Latin verb roots, common Greek roots, and suffixes.
Word Usage and Abusage  (from Tameri Guide for Writers)  A guide to word usage based on many sources. Click a letter for a list of alphabetized words .
Roots and Prefixes   A manageable, alphabetized list of common word roots and prefixes.
Business Vocabulary Exercises   Several exercises for Acquiring Business English, including Strong Collocations.

Academic Word Power Book 3  This companion website for the textbook offers quizzes, glossary and flashcards for the units in the text.
The Longman Vocabulary Website  The site has short exercises on word parts, dictionary exercises, context clues, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, easily confused words and vocabulary in real life.
Notorious Confusables   A comprehensive site that includes quizzes, a pull down menu of commonly confused words and a third part with audio.
Spelling Practice   Practice spelling. Just clidk "easy" or "hard" to test yourself.
A Word Usage Game  A fast-paced word power game to improve your ability to use words correctly. Read the directions and click Start.
Vocabulary Activities  Under Vocabulary on the left, select from a menu of five different types of activities.
A List of 2000 Useful Words in English  

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